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Jewelry Care & Information

We’ve all been there: one of our favorite pieces of jewelry and our best fashion companion finally loses its luster. It’s sad when your favorite piece of jewelry no longer shines the way it used to. Fortunately, there are many methods of jewelry care to ensure that you can keep your favorite pieces shining for years to come.
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Proper Jewelry Care

The most important thing to remember is to remove your jewelry when you’re doing certain things. We know that you love showing off your favorite pieces, but don’t wear your ring when you’re doing yard work or laundry! Also, leave your jewelry off when you’re showering. Any sort of physical activity, including exercising and swimming are times you should take the jewelry off and leave it at home.

If your jewelry does become dirty and is in danger of tarnishing, avoid using cleaning supplies as they can damage the piece. For the best jewelry care, gently wash the piece delicately in warm water and clean with a soft cloth. It is important to store your jewelry in a dry place, without touching other pieces.

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