The Story of Voare Jewelry - About Voare & Our Accessories

A Heritage of Style

Mirella Faldini started Voare after discovering her passion for pretty things while studying fashion design at the prestigious Faculdade Santa Marcellina in Brazil. This smart lady graduated with a degree in Jewelry Design and put her passions to work by creating custom jewelry made of 18K gold, diamonds, and precious stones. After doing this for 15 years, she moved to Miami in 2015 and put her passion for jewelry into curating modern and trendy accessories.

Mirella Faldini - Voare Jewelry

Experiment With Your Unique Style

We know two things: that the perfect accessory makes all the difference in an outfit, and that jewelry changes with the trends. We keep up with the trends by offering you fun and trendy rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that you can layer and stack.

All of our collections are curated with you in mind, and we know that you are pretty amazing. We hope you’ll share us with all of the amazing women in your life!

Mirella Faldini - Voare Jewelry

The Voare Instashop on Instagram

We love pretty things, and we love taking pictures of those pretty things to show you how they look. Follow us on Instagram to see pictures of our jewelry, and pick up a few trinkets for yourself! You can also tag us on Instagram too! Show us how you look in your bling!