Cocktail Fashion Rings

The cocktail ring is a huge, eye-catching piece with fashion history. During the time of Prohibition, ladies wore the cocktail ring on the right hand to shout out their single status while they sipped cocktails in speakeasies. The cocktail ring regained popularity in the 1980s, and now, it’s back again...and with plenty of styles to choose from!

Classic Fashion, Modern Design

At Voare, we have several new spins on this classic design to keep ahead of the fashion curve. While many classics feature a single large gemstone, our collection features designs from a cute butterfly design to a unique double finger scales ring that is sure to be a conversation starter. Our cocktail rings combine classic fashion with modern design and are the perfect rings to adorn your hand.

Find The Piece You’ll Love

Our cocktail rings are just one of the many pieces of trendy, modern jewelry that we offer! We have such a wide variety that you’re sure to find your new favorite. Find the piece that you’ll fall in love with at Voare Jewelry today!